Serbian otorhinolaryngological Society as a part of Serbian Medical Society was founded in 1.02.1948, with 41 ENT specialists involved in the work of the section. The main goals of the organization were professional ascent trainer and cultivate medical ethics, as well as cooperation and networking with other professional organizations. Since then, a number of members of the Serbian section of ENT actively participate in international conferences as Serbian Otorhinolaryngology admitted into full members of prestigious international organizations. With the development of modern technology adopted new knowledge and skills, which makes the overall dynamic development. The members of the sections are actively involved in the work of the World and European Society of Otorhinolaryngology. Was reorganized and feet care, tending intentivnog development of Balkan Otorhinolaryngological Association. Section has 510 members, with activity in organizing professional conferences with different themes. Formed are actives within the section whose task is to further narrow the professional organization and development of this dynamic discipline.

Activity of Serbian otorhinolaryngological Society section is continuous and includes:

- Regular maintenance of the professional meetings during the year, with the participation of domestic and foreign lecturers;
- Establishment of cooperation between ENT clinical, clinical hospital, medical and other institutions in Serbia;
- Professional and scientific advancement and training of members of the ENT section;
- Organizing conferences and courses in different fields of otolaryngology;
- Monitoring of newspapers from different fields of otolaryngology at home and abroad;
- Participation in European and international congresses ENT;
- Involvement and participation in European projects in the field of otolaryngology- Improving the education of young people, inclusion in keeping with European organizations for medical specialization, the improvement in the education within the ENT specialization, the inclusion of young people in local and international organizations

To achieve the goals of the Serbian otorhinolaryngological Society is necessary active participation of members of the Section, constant work, organization of national and international meetings, further connection with institutions, organizations and individuals in addition to professional science strengthen the ethical values ​​of Serbian otorhinolaryngologists.

President of Serbian Otorhinolaryngological Society
Serbian Medical Society
Prof. dr Rajko Jović